Peace or Atomic War?

Peace or Atomic War?

Peace or Atomic War?

Peace or Atomic War?


The Renunciation of Nuclear Tests

In April of 1957, I raised my voice, together with others, to draw attention to the great danger of radioactive poisoning of the air and the earth, following tests with atom (uranium) bombs and hydrogen bombs. With others I appealed to the nuclear powers to come to an agreement to stop the tests as soon as possible, while declaring their genuine desire to renounce the use of atomic weapons.

At the time there was reasonable hope that this step would be taken. It was not to be. The 1957 negotiations in London that summer, led by Mr. Harold Stassen of the United States, achieved nothing. The conference arranged by the United Nations in the autumn of that year suffered the same fate through the withdrawal of the Soviet Union from the discussions.

The Soviet Union has recently made a disarmament proposal on the basis of which discussions are apparently being planned. As a first step the plan presupposes that nuclear tests should cease immediately.

What chances has this condition of being fulfilled?

It might be thought that it would be easy for all those involved to reach agreement on this point. None of . . .

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