Musical Anthologies for Analytical Study: A Bibliography

Musical Anthologies for Analytical Study: A Bibliography

Musical Anthologies for Analytical Study: A Bibliography

Musical Anthologies for Analytical Study: A Bibliography


Presenting detailed information about 14 standard anthologies, this useful music reference tool lists all excerpts and complete compositions, provides information concerning the type of score presented, and includes an index of composers and sources as well as an index of complete compositions and movements. The book is designed primarily for researchers and teachers of music theory to make the search for analytical source material easier and faster than previously possible. The anthologies cited are all currently in print or are generally available in music libraries.


Musical Anthologies for Analytical Study is intended as a reference source book for music theory teachers. the anthologies detailed herein are all either currently in print, or are generally available in music libraries. Due to the focus on musical analysis, historical anthologies, and anthologies specifically intended for listening and general score reading, have not been included. the book is divided into four principal sections: (1) "Publication and Contents Information"; (2) "Index of Composers and Sources" ; (3) "Index of Complete Movements and Compositions"; and (4) "Index of Theoretical Topics." the fourteen anthologies included are each assigned a pneumonic "A__," and are listed in alphabetical order by author.

"Publication and Contents Information" includes publication information, a brief, general overview of the scope and style of each anthology, and a complete contents listing for each anthology. I have included the information in the contents listing, using the following format:

Composer's name; Title; type of score (full or piano reduction); whether the piece or movement is complete or excerpted; other noteworthy information about the excerpt/piece.

When available, I have included measure numbers of excerpted passages.

In the "Publication and Contents Information" section, I have included the latest edition of each anthology, with the understanding that contents does change slightly from edition to edition. When using this section, the reader will notice that some of the anthologies contain primarily excerpts, while others contain primarily complete movements. the range of styles exhibited by these 14 anthologies falls completely along the continuum, and is probably the most significant factor in making one anthology appropriate for, say, the harmony sequence and another for a form and analysis course.

"Index of Composers and Sources" is arranged alphabetically by composer and source. Within each composer's entry, major works are listed alphabetically, generally using the original-language title (Robert Schumann Album für der Jugend, Op. 68, for example). Individual pieces within collections such as the Schumann are then listed alphabetically. in the case of a number of operas, cantatas, and oratorios in which references are generally not to titles of individual arias and recitatives, but rather to particular acts and scenes, I have listed the pieces chronologically by their placement within the larger work. in the case of works with foreign titles, most commonly referred . . .

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