The Seven Lively Arts

The Seven Lively Arts

The Seven Lively Arts

The Seven Lively Arts




The Keystone the Builders Rejected 3

An Imaginary Conversation 27

"I Am Here To-Day": Charlie Chaplin 41

Say It with Music 57

Tearing a Passion to Ragtime 69

Toujours Jazz 83

Mr Dooley, Meet Mr Lardner 111

A Tribute to Florenz Ziegfeld 129

The Darktown Strutters on Broadway 149

Plan for a Lyric Theatre in America 161

The One-Man Show 177

The Dæmonic in the American Theatre 191

These, Too 203

The "Vulgar" Comic Strip 213

The Krazy Kat That Walks by Himself 231

The Damned Effrontery of the Two-a-Day 249

They Call It Dancing 267

St Simeon Stylites 277

Burlesque, Circus, Clowns, and Acrobats 291

The True and Inimitable Kings of Laughter 297

The Great God Bogus 309

An Open Letter to the Movie Magnates 323

Before a Picture by Picasso 345

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