I'd Rather Be Right

I'd Rather Be Right

I'd Rather Be Right

I'd Rather Be Right





MR. ROOSEVELT: "Cummings, take a law!" THE SUPREME COURT: "Oh, no! No, you don't! Oh, no!" 36

"It happens that we've got left over, from an experi- ment we tried, quite a number of lovely little Blue Eagles" 44

Mr. Roosevelt meets a little group of happy Govern- ment employees--J. W. Bragdon, President of the American Steel Corporation; H. L. Dennison, United Woolen Mills; Courtney Leland, Ameri- can Railroads; D. A. Sampson, International Cop- per Company, and Matthew W. Patterson, United Light and Power 86

LANDON: "I will frankly admit that I was lousy on the radio, but, Mr. Roosevelt, I balanced my budget" 104

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