Tanks and Armor in Modern Warfare

Tanks and Armor in Modern Warfare

Tanks and Armor in Modern Warfare

Tanks and Armor in Modern Warfare


The car sped along the dusty French road. In the back seat sat an erect young officer. He had a handsome face, typically British, reserved and cultured. A moustache bristled under his sharply cut nose. His mouth was a short, sharp line. Bushy eyebrows shielded deep-set eyes with a faraway look, for Lieutenant Colonel Ernest Dunlop Swinton was deep in thought.

He shook his head, trying to clear his mind, but it was no use. It was that same terrible scene again. He could not get it out of his thoughts. Day and night it was with him, like a motion picture played over and over in his brain. He could see it now just as clearly as he had when it first happened several weeks before. He had been in the frontline trenches that morning...

An early morning mist clung to the ground. Columns of British soldiers pushed past him, jamming into the most forward of the freshly dug entrenchments. Their grim faces formed a sea of white splotches framed under helmets rakishly tilted over one eye. Below the faces, grimy hands clasped the tips of bayoneted guns butted into the ground.

All eyes were on a British officer. He was poised like a statue, right arm raised, eyes glued on his watch. Suddenly the arm dropped. The whistle between his lips shrilled one piercing blast. It was quickly blotted out by the roar of thousands of voices.

"Let's go! Get ';em!"

The shout rang out across the front as the men plunged up and over the top of the trench and spread out in a long, advancing line. The first wave plodded forward, rifles held diagonally across the front of each soldier's body in the position of "high port." Behind them more lines popped out of the trenches and followed at regular intervals.

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