Advertising and the World Wide Web

Advertising and the World Wide Web

Advertising and the World Wide Web

Advertising and the World Wide Web


The chapters provide a wide-ranging view of issues addressing how advertisers can proceed on the Internet and World Wide Web. An initial chapter traces the development of Web advertising from its very beginnings as it was represented and discussed in the pages of Advertising Age. Although there is a noticeable trend to define Web advertising by comparing it to traditional media, it is clear that Web advertising just won't fit the old mold. Keith Reinhard of DDB Needham actually articulates this linkage between the old and new in his invited chapter.

What the reader will encounter in Advertising and the World Wide Web is a solid conception of how Web advertising is different from anything that has come before. There are numerous discussions on consumer and advertiser interactivity, the role of Web advertising within larger campaigns, audience segmentation, and alternative Web-based promotion formats. The five sections cover definition and theory, structure, specific applications, legal issues, and the voice of the practitioner. Although there remain a few nay-sayers concerning the future of Web advertising, the reader will be able to see just how incredibly high-impact this new medium has become and the vast potential that it holds for future promotional endeavors.


This volume is the result of a series of papers presented at the 15th annual Advertising and Consumer Psychology Conference held at DMB&B, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, on May17-18, 1996. The conference was sponsored by DMB&B and the Society for Consumer Psychology, the 23rd Division of theAmerican Psychological Association. The coeditors served as chairpersons for the conference.

We sincerely appreciate the efforts of the authors of these chapters, most of who presented original papers at the conference. We would also like to thank Keith Rinehard, the President and CEO of DDB Needham, whose chapter provided insightful thoughts on the past, present, and future. Professors Sandra Davidson of the University of Missouri, and William Wells of the University of Minnesota, were each asked to contribute original chapters that significantly enhanced the coverage of the topic.

The World Wide Web is a revolutionary environment that holds both excitement and challenge. Advertising has found a whole new medium with which to communicate to customers. With technological advances occurring daily, it will be most curious to see how the growth of this technology-based medium unfolds in the future.

Finally, we would like to dedicate this book to our families. Their patience and encouragement was instrumental in completing this task.

To my wife, Jane, and my sons, Matthew and Jason DWS

To my two younger children, Kylie and Ian ET

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