The Restless Pacific

The Restless Pacific

The Restless Pacific

The Restless Pacific


In this book I have tried to piece together the disjointed fragments of the jig-saw puzzle of the Pacific so as to make a picture at once clear and unified.

In the hope of dispelling some of the illusions which so often obscure discussions of international affairs in America I have especially emphasized the geographical and economic fundamentals.

The outstanding fact of the twentieth century is that the theatre of world-events has shifted from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The United States of America, as one of the great Pacific powers, is now irretrievably involved in the politics of eastern Asia. Little understood by the American people to-day, this relation is destined in time to be of utmost importance to them.

If this volume gives the reader a sense of the unity of the Pacific area, and a realization of the interrelation between the politics of Europe and eastern Asia and their effect on America's interests, it will have served its purpose.


NEW YORK, February, 1928.

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