A Dance of the Forests

A Dance of the Forests

A Dance of the Forests

A Dance of the Forests


An empty clearing in the forest. Suddenly the soil appears to be breaking and the head of the Dead Woman pushes its way up. Some distance from her, another head begins to appear, that of a man. They both come up slowly. The man is fat and bloated, wears a dated warrior's outfit, now mouldy. The woman is pregnant. They come up, appear to listen. They do not seem to see each other. Shortly after, Adenebi enters. He passes close to the Dead Man.

DEAD MAN: Will you take my case, sir?

[ Adenebi starts, stares, and runs off.]

DEAD MAN: [shaking his head.] I thought we were expected.

[They both seem to attempt to sense their surrounding.]

DEAD WOMAN: This is the place.

DEAD MAN: . . . Unless of course I came up too soon. It is such a long time and such a long way.

DEAD WOMAN: No one to meet me. I know this is the place. [ Obaneji enters, passes close by the woman.]

DEAD WOMAN: Will you, take my case? [ Obaneji stops and looks thoughtfully at them. The Dead Man, listening hard, goes quickly towards him. Obaneji withdraws, looking back at the pair.]

DEAD WOMAN: I thought he might. He considered it long enough. [ Demoke enters. He is tearing along.]

DEAD WOMAN: Will you take my case?

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