The Future of Electronic Learning

The Future of Electronic Learning

The Future of Electronic Learning

The Future of Electronic Learning


The papers in this volume were originally presented at a conference on "The Future of Electronic Learning" held at Teachers College, Columbia University in April of 1982, sponsored by the Electronic Learning Laboratory. Each paper has been revised for a reading audience rather than a listening audience, but the original questions from the audience and their answers have been retained as they give a sense of the conference and provide interesting information.

The sub-title of the conference was Implications for Psychology and Education. The reader will find that the papers address both the new kinds of learning that will develop as a result of learning from electronic technology, as well as the new forms of teaching that will be needed.

The purpose of the conference was to bring together an unusual group of experts who could address these questions for the future with special knowledge of the technology combined with a concern for education. We wished our audience at the conference, and the audience reached through this volume, to become informed about the future--what will learning be like? How will if differ from present day learning from print and classroom? What will the future learning environments look like? How will teaching need to change? How will this new technology influence our perception of the world and ourselves? What impact will it have in terms of public policy?

These are some of the questions addressed by our authors. We hope you will find their views of the future to be responsible, informed, accurate and concerned.

Mary Alice White, Director

Electronic Learning Laboratory

Teachers College,
Columbia University . . .

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