Children and Computers in School

Children and Computers in School

Children and Computers in School

Children and Computers in School


This volume integrates research findings from three multinational studies conducted to examine the impact of children's use of computers in school. Conclusions are drawn from in-depth analyses of trends in more than 20 nations. Its seven authors from four nations were key researchers on these projects. Both a study and a product of the information age, this work is of prime importance to teachers, teacher educators, and school administrators.

This work is unique in three important ways:

• it presents data gathered in many regions of the world;

• many of the authors are well-known and respected for their previous work in educational studies; and

• the chapters are designed in such a way that the majority of the book is easily accessible to professionals such as classroom teachers who are interested primarily in findings, results, and outcomes rather than the methodology of the research.


This book contains findings from three multinational studies about children using computers in school. Its seven authors from four nations were key researchers on these projects.

The first chapter places children and their use of computers in school within the broader context of the information age, whereas the second provides an overview of the three studies. Chapters 3, 4, and 5 each focus in detail on findings from one of the three studies. Chapter 6 contains reflections written by individuals or pairs of authors about the implications of the findings from the book as a whole.

The final form of this book conforms quite closely to the initial plan agreed on after discussions among the authors. Nevertheless, some significant modifications have been made along the way. The most important of these is the decision to combine two conceptually related chapters on "findings" and "implications" into one chapter containing reflections on the significance of the findings by several of the authors, in separate sections. A thought-provoking essay about how culture influences and is influenced by information technology has been included as an appendix as well. This was written by M. A. Murray-Lasso, a researcher from Mexico participating in one of the three studies.

The level of detail varies greatly from chapter to chapter in this book. We have purposely confined most of the intricacies of research designs, sampling procedures, statistical techniques, and other methodological issues to chapters 3 through 5. This enables perusal of chapters 1, 2, and 6 by casual readers in order to learn the gist of our findings. Fellow scholars in the field will probably wish to examine chapters 3 through 5 in detail.

In the broadest sense, this work has been both a study of and a product of the information age. Only by extensive use of the Internet has it been possible to finish in a timely and affordable manner. Otherwise, the information to be conveyed may have been outdated by the time it reached the reader, if it all had to be compiled . . .

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