Prohibition at Its Worst

Prohibition at Its Worst

Prohibition at Its Worst

Prohibition at Its Worst


This book is the outgrowth of my testimony at the Hearings of the Sub-committee of the Committee on the Judiciary of the United States Senate in April, 1926.

It embodies the notes which I have been collecting on the alcohol problem for full twenty years-- during which time I have radically changed my attitude toward Prohibition.

It also endeavors to cover all the important data, on both sides of the controversy, which were presented at the Senate hearings.

For help in the preparation of the book I am deeply indebted to many persons, especially to Herbert B. Brougham, Robert E. Corradini, Karl G. Karsten, and Emily F. Robbins.


Yale University, New Haven, Conn., August, 1926.

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