What They Saw...At the Hour of Death

What They Saw...At the Hour of Death

What They Saw...At the Hour of Death

What They Saw...At the Hour of Death


This internationally acclaimed study that cites scientific evidence for life after death gets an update -- and reveals new proof

What They Saw... At the Hour of Death has garnered worldwide acclaim since its original publication in 1977. Now, as the recent success of the best-selling Embraced by the Light points to a continuing interest in the topic of life after death, the startling -- and comforting -- findings of researchers Karlis Osis and Erlendur Haraldsson are brought completely up to date.

Based on a four-year study involving almost 50,000 terminally ill patients, observed by hundreds of physicians and nurses in the U. S. and India, the conclusions reached by Osis and Haraldsson are compelling and optimistic. In that first scientific investigation of the hour just before death, doctors found that the patients in India and the U. S. had startling experiences -- such as visions and elevated moods -- that were not due to their medical conditions, and that the basic experience was the same for both cultures. Universal feelings of serenity and peace and awareness of another reality indicate that perhaps death should not be so fe


At the Hour of Death, paranormal experiences of the dying as observed by doctors and nurses, by Karlis Osis, Ph.D. and Erlendur Haraldsson, Ph.D., is primarily a book that all researchers and scientists should read if they have questions and problems with the newly flourishing and widely publicized research on death and life after death (Moody, Kübler-Ross).

Drs. Osis and Haraldsson have to be congratulated for years of hard, patient and dedicated work in an area which was still very much taboo a few years ago when this study was begun and when they could anticipate little support from the secular and skeptical world in which they live, from a society that can afford to send men to the moon and instruments to Mars to determine if there is life on another planet, but knows so little about life and death on planet Earth.

The authors' work has been done quietly and inconspicuously and -- I am sure -- only a small percentage of our population is even familiar with their existence. It is because of "silent workers" like them, who consciously and caringly devote years of their life to the study of man's mortal end, that we will ultimately understand that death is not an end but a new beginning, simply a transition into a higher state of consciousness.

The authors have studied hundreds of cases, both Hindus and Christians, Indians and Americans, to collect data to determine the subjective experiences the patients have had at the portal of death.

Human experiences at this moment are alike and do not much vary depending on religious or cultural backgrounds. They are more influenced by the depth and authenticity of a belief system -- something that has been confirmed by our own studies.

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