Reformation Views of Church History

Reformation Views of Church History

Reformation Views of Church History

Reformation Views of Church History


The substance of this volume was originally delivered as the Whitley Trust Lectures for 1965. I should like to record my gratitude to the Trustees for the honour they did me in inviting me to be the Whitley Trust Lecturer in that year. I should also like to thank the Reverend Principals Dykes and Russell of the Northern Baptist College and the Reverend Dr. E. A. Payne and Dr. Roger Thomas for the kind arrangements they made for me when the lectures were delivered in Manchester and London respectively. I am also grateful to Dr. L. G. Champion, Secretary to the Trust, and his successor, Dr. B. R. White, for much kindness and consideration.

In preparing this volume I have modernized the spelling and punctuation of the titles of sixteenth-century books and of the quotations taken from them. The bibliography gives details of the original titles and dates of publication.

I am particularly indebted to the Reverend Dr. T. H. L. Parker of Cambridge, one of the editors of this series. He read my typescript with great care and thoroughness. His learning and perspicacity saved me from errors and revealed to me obscurities and fallacies in my argument. I have benefited much from his friendly advice and criticism.

Two friends have greatly contributed to clarifying and enriching my understanding of the sixteenth-century reformers and their view of history. Frank Smith Fussner, of Reed College, Portland, Oregon, sharply stimulated my thinking when he published his fine book, The Historical Revolution. His conversation did even more for me when he spent the academic session of 1964-65 at the University College of Swansea as visiting Fulbright Professor. My colleague, Ieuan Gwynedd Jones, Professor of Welsh History at Aberystwyth, and I have for many years had a common interest in the Reformation and its historiography. I hope it has been a two-way exchange between us, but on my side I am conscious of incurring a serious deficit in the "balance of payments".

Finally I have, as always, to record my deepest gratitude to my wife for her unfailing help, patience and encouragement.

Glanmor Williams

Swansea, September 1967 . . .

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