Religion and Politics in Pakistan


Pakistan came into being as a result of the increasing democratization and Indianization of the government of India in the face of the peculiar geographic distribution of the Muslim population, its cohesiveness, and its fear of Hindu domination. There were three politically significant aspects of the geographical distribution of the Muslim population of India: (1) the majority of the Muslim population was concen trated in two areas, thus making partition feasible; (2) these two areas are separated by about a thousand miles of Indian territory, making their union in a single state all but impractical; and (3) these two areas were among the least developed in all India.

The degree of inner unity among Indian Muslims may be gauged by the fact that a single state was created out of these two widely separated territories, but the cohesiveness of any society is partly a function of external factors. In this case the exclusiveness of Hindu society, its caste system, and its rapid adjustment to British rule were perhaps more important than . . .

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  • Berkeley, CA
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  • 1963


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