A Miscellany of American Christianity: Essays in Honor of H. Shelton Smith

A Miscellany of American Christianity: Essays in Honor of H. Shelton Smith

A Miscellany of American Christianity: Essays in Honor of H. Shelton Smith

A Miscellany of American Christianity: Essays in Honor of H. Shelton Smith


Included here are essays by present and former colleagues of Professor Smith, and by students whose research he directed or whose progress he guided while he was Director of Graduate Studies in Religion at Duke University. In every case the choice of essay represents a special connection with the study of American Christianity at Duke University, and H. Shelton Smith's identification with this discipline.

The immediate reaction of those asked to contribute to this volume was uniformly twofold: all were enthusiastic to have a part in an endeavor which seemed eminently worthy, and each was hesitant to offer an essay as adequate for the projected work. All the writers know Professor Smith well and hold him in such warm regard that the desire to honor him overcame resistance.

The preparation and publication of this volume would not have been possible without encouragement and help from more sources than, regretfully, can here be designated. Specific mention, however, is made of those to whom special thanks are due. Professor Robert E. Cushman, Dean of the Divinity School of Duke University, and Professor Waldo Beach, Director of Graduate Studies in Religion, provided guidance and endorsement when the project was initiated. Publication was assured through support and subsidy of the Gurney Harriss Kearns Foundation and the Duke University Press.

At every stage of endeavor the staff of the Duke University Press has given imaginative co-operation, and gracious assistance beyond any that contributors or editor would have expected. Mr. Ashbel G. Brice, Director, and Mr. John Menapace, Production Manager, have--from the first--been unfailingly helpful, anticipating necessity, and meeting every need. Mr. Robert Mirandon, assistant editor, rendered vital service at a crucial time. The late William Owens granted special consideration. Mr. Larry McMullen contributed ability and fidelity in bringing the volume to press. Mr. Timothy Goodman assisted in reading proof.

In their several ways Mesdames Janice H. Choate, Lessie L. Detwiler, Joyce Lockhart Farris, and Mary M. Salter made it possible to meet deadlines with manuscript copy. Particular appreciation must go to Mrs. Anne Moorman Bell, who worked with cheerful and efficient diligence in typing most of these essays in the form they here present.

Finally, sincere gratitude is expressed to Professor Donn Michael Farris, Librarian, Divinity School, Duke University, who gave char-

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