The Old Testament: Its Formation and Development

The Old Testament: Its Formation and Development

The Old Testament: Its Formation and Development

The Old Testament: Its Formation and Development


The distressing state of learning and of economic affairs in Germany presented various difficulties which had to be overcome before this book, long since out of print, could appear again in a second edition. Its purpose is to do its part in supplying the want of textbooks felt most of all by students. All those whose kind help contributed to its appearance deserve the thanks of the readers and the author.

Unfortunately a large part of the literature which has appeared since the war in other countries cannot be embodied in it owing to the circumstances of the time. The publications so far as they were made known to me -- mainly through the kind help of the English colleagues and friends to whom this book is dedicated -- have been named in the bibliographies. Those works not accessible to me have been marked with an asterisk in the hope that in time they will be within the reach of interested readers in Germany also.

In response to numerous requests the Apocrypha and the most important Pseudepigrapha have now been treated in a newly added fourth part. As regards the rest, hardly a paragraph has remained unchanged.

The nature of a textbook demands that many a detailed discussion must be omitted in favour of concentration on all the problems, and that to a certain extent personal opinions should give place to the generally agreed views in the Introductory Studies of the Old Testament. It was only in the case of the question as to how the Pentateuchal sources arose (section 13), so important for the broad understanding of a great part of the OT writings, that a closer argument could not be avoided in order to state my own views on the earlier formulations of the points at issue. Yet I hope by this means to have worked out the actual problem more clearly, without exceeding the limits of the textbook.


Tübingen, July 1948 . . .

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