Faiths Men Live By

Faiths Men Live By

Faiths Men Live By

Faiths Men Live By


This book was written primarily to provide the author's students with a coherent, comprehensive guide to their study of the living faiths.

It seeks to serve college upper classmen, theological students and general students of religion. A bold venture into many baffling fields, it represents materials which the author has used for many years in the class-room and on the public platform. Many of the materials have been gathered at first-hand in foreign, especially Asiatic, lands in which he has lived and studied. Other sources are far more numerous than those gratefully acknowledged.

The approach to each faith is deliberately, but cautiously, contemporary. For each there is an appraisal, with some description of current forms and symbols, since this is a book of faiths which men now live by. The approach differentiates this from similar books, and is the chief basis on which it claims to be a new contribution to the subject. The method discovers the persistent elements in each faith which demand attention; these have been sufficiently presented.

Each religion is viewed both in its cultural setting and in itself, with regard for interactions when meeting other faiths. The treatment is objective, with the author's own prejudices reduced to a minimum. Many of the criteria of judgment are indicated throughout the volume, but especially in the Conclusion.

Some inconsistencies appear in spellings, in transliterations, and in punctuation. In transliterating Oriental terms, the author has sometimes avoided appropriate phonetic signs for the sake of forms more familiar or intelligible to the general student. The omissions need not annoy the specialist, and the presence of technical terms should help rather than hinder students.

The student's edition includes a list of references arranged mostly by topics, whereby major subjects may be amplified; and a list of questions for discussion which will serve to clarify and emphasize various aspects of the study. The Bibliographies are sufficiently full, and the ample Index should make easy the location of any important item.

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