My Darling Clementine: The Story of Lady Churchill

My Darling Clementine: The Story of Lady Churchill

My Darling Clementine: The Story of Lady Churchill

My Darling Clementine: The Story of Lady Churchill


Lady Churchill has always had a very keen sense of the responsibility she carried. Her husband was Prime Minister at a most crucial time in England, and she knew that in the first place she must make life as easy as she could for him at home, with as much attention to detail as possible, to ensure that his life would be comfortable and lightened of any burdens she could remove.

In those days, we understood and admired the kind of courage and tenacity her husband was beginning to put into words that expressed the spirit of the people in Britain after Dunkirk.

My husband thought Mr. Churchill typical of John Bull and considered him to be a man with whom he really could work. The bond between them strengthened every time they met. Their friendship grew with their respect for each other's ability.

Mrs. Churchill, as she then was, had to endure many anxieties. She had, of course, long periods of anxiety during the war when he was away; then, when she did accompany him, she had her own duties.

I remember when she was in Quebec with the Prime Minister on one occasion, and I was there with my husband. My husband and Mr. Churchill were meeting over certain questions that had to be decided, and I remember Mrs. Churchill had to do a great many things that were her responsibility and not in any way connected with his work, except that they were things people appreciated and liked her doing, because they brought them closer to both her and her husband. Everything she did, whether it was addressing meetings or making a broadcast, she did remarkably well.

She was more or less propelled into public life, as I was. When this happens, you learn to develop ideas of your own as well as developing the initiative and ability to act on them.

In many cases the need for doing things will in itself develop an ability to do them. You might not have this ability naturally, but it . . .

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