Collected Economic Papers - Vol. 2

Collected Economic Papers - Vol. 2

Collected Economic Papers - Vol. 2

Collected Economic Papers - Vol. 2


My first volume of collected papers (published in 1951) was culled from the work of more than twenty years. The bulk of the present volume was written within the last five years, and all but one piece within the last eight. It belongs to the field of what is sometimes called post-Keynesian economics.

The first eight papers discuss problems of development under capitalism and socialism in a broad way, and may be of some general interest. The second group is highly scholastic. It consists of various chips from the block from which I hacked my Accumulation of Capital.

The third and fourth groups, on imperfect competition and on interest and employment, contain some attempts to link older questions to the requirements of a type of economic analysis which has freed itself from the need to assume conditions of static equilibrium.

I am indebted to the editors of. Occasional Papers, Delhi School of Economics; Science and Society; Economic Journal; Annales de la Faculté de Droit de Liège; Review of Economic Studies;Oxford Economic Papers; Economie Appliqué; Rivista di Politica Economica; Il Mercurio; Bulletin of the Oxford Institute of Statistics; and to Messrs. Routledge for permission to republish articles. Two pieces are taken from The Rate of Interest and Other Essays (Macmillan), which has been allowed to go out of print as the main part has been rendered obsolete by my Accumulation of Capital. The Philosophy of Prices, here published for the first time, will appear in Polish in Ekonomista.

Dr. A. K. Sen of Trinity College has kindly read the proofs.



December 1959 . . .

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