Contemporary Thought on Edmund Spenser


Concerned primarily with The Faerie Oueene, to which the extensive bibliography is devoted, these original essays constitute an important statement on twentieth-century Spenser studies.

The eight United States and Canadianscholars who contributed to this volume reflect no particular point of view, nor espouse any single technique, approach, or subject matter. Taken together, however, the essays prove to be remarkably consonant in their twentieth-century view of Spenser's capaciousness. The contributors, in addition to the editors, are Rudolf B. Gottfried, A. C. Hamilton, S. K. Heninger, Jr., A. Kent Hieatt, Carol V. Kaske, and Foster Provost.

Students of Renaissance English literature will find that the volume is not only an important reference work but also an extremely useful overview of the entire range of Spenserian scholarship.


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