The Fox and the Camellias

The Fox and the Camellias

The Fox and the Camellias

The Fox and the Camellias


From the covered arcade that gave onto the garden Filomena called her husband several times, but in an obviously halfhearted manner. She was certain that he had heard her, though there was no reply, and she hurried back into the house.

"He won't be long," she said to a demure little woman who was standing diffidently in the middle of the room. "Meanwhile, why don't you sit down, Nunziatina?"

"I don't want to disturb you," the woman muttered in a thin little voice. "Won't you let me help you while I'm waiting?"

"Have a glass of our new wine instead," said Filomena, opening a cupboard.

The mistress of the house was an old lady whose expression suggested sadness and suffering. Nunziatina had already noticed that her eyes were red.

"Is anything the matter, madam?" she plucked up courage to ask.

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