Lieutenant in Algeria

Lieutenant in Algeria

Lieutenant in Algeria

Lieutenant in Algeria


There is only one war going on in the world today, the war that France is waging in Algeria.

Drafted, as I was, into the French army of Africa, I lived in the heart of this strange war, along with all the other young Frenchmen who were my comrades-in-arms. When I got back to France, I told our story, the story of what has been going on in Algeria these last three years and is still going on today. Other people have published their stories, too. These stories, which are all alike, are little by little helping to give our fellow countrymen the background they need if they are to appreciate the magnitude of the issues involved and find a solution which shall be at once human, worthy of France, and worthy of the Algerian people.

Now I have been asked if this book can be published abroad. I have agreed, despite the unvarnished picture it presents of certain aspects of French policy and certain weaknesses of the French army.

I have agreed because, in so far as what it portrays goes beyond the inadequacy of all men in all political struggles, I think it may persuade those people in the world who are still concerned with the history of France that my country retains a faith and an energy which will yet permit her to surmount her present sea of troubles.

When one has seen many men as magnificent as the ones I knew rising in revolt against the vicious circle of violence and the temptation to use brute force, one can be proud of one's country. I am. And these men's story should be known.

It will show those who are honestly looking for a way out of this war that the very nature of the struggle rules out any solution other than trusting France.


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