Occupational Choice: An Approach to a General Theory

Occupational Choice: An Approach to a General Theory

Occupational Choice: An Approach to a General Theory

Occupational Choice: An Approach to a General Theory


This study of the determinants of occupational choice is the outgrowth of several years of research in occupational choice, and a still longer period of investigation in the economics of human resources. It is truly a joint effort of the four authors, in which each participated in every stage of the work -- the planning, interviewing, analysis, and writing. I prepared the manuscript on the basis of detailed outlines which I had developed with the aid of Dr. Herma. But the entire draft was then carefully reviewed by the others, and the final version is a composite product.

The financial resources for this investigation were provided by the Rockefeller Foundation and by the Columbia University Council for Research in the Social Sciences.

The former chairmen of the Executive Committee of this Columbia Council, Professors F. C. Mills and Robert M. Haig, and the present Secretary of the Council, Professor William C. Vickrey, assisted in launching the project.

Several colleagues contributed to the initial stages of the planning, in particular, Professors Paul Lazarsfeld, Donald Super, and Abraham Wald. Dr. Raymond Franzen assisted us by reviewing problems in statistical design that arose during the exploratory stage.

In facilitating our interviewing various groups, we were aided significantly by the following: Dr. Ira Eisenstein of New York City; Dr. Max Maccoby of Mount Vernon, New York; MissOrrielle Murphy and Mr. James F. Redmond of the Horace Mann-Lincoln School, New York City; Mr. H. Daniel Carpenter and Mr. Richard Mendes of the Hudson Guild Settlement House, New York City; Dean Harry J. Carman of Columbia College; Mr. Wesley J. Hennessy, Assistant Dean, School of Engineering, Columbia University; Miss Martha English, Director of Student Affairs, Barnard College; Mrs. Carol S. Schneider, Secretary of the Department of Physics, Columbia University; Mrs. G. D. Stewart, Secretary of the Graduate Departrnent of Economics, Columbia University.

The Appendix lists various Master's Essays written by some of my . . .

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