Travels in the Congo

Travels in the Congo

Travels in the Congo

Travels in the Congo


21 July . -- Third day of passage out

M Y STATE is one of inexpressible languor; the hours slip by empty and indistinguishable.

After two days of bad weather the sky has begun to turn blue; the sea is growing calmer; the air warmer. A flock of swallows is following the ship.

What a mistake it is not to rock children's cradles from their earliest babyhood! I even think it would be a good plan to calm them and send them to sleep by means of a special pitching- and tossing-apparatus. As for me, I was brought up according to rational methods and by my mother's orders never slept in beds that were not fixed; thanks to which, I am particularly liable to seasickness.

Nevertheless I am holding out; I do what I can to keep my swimming head in order and am glad to see that I am more successful than a good many of my fellow passengers. The recollection of my last six crossings (Morocco, Corsica, Tunis) reassures me.

OUR TRAVELLING-companions are mostly officials and traders. I think we are the only ones travelling "for pleasure."

"What are you going out for?"

"I shall see when I get there. . . ."

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