Sculpture in the Huntington Collection

Sculpture in the Huntington Collection

Sculpture in the Huntington Collection

Sculpture in the Huntington Collection


The Huntington art collections have become so firmly identified with British painting that the general public and even the specialist are frequently surprised to find here important groups of European sculpture and French decorative art. This book is designed to indicate the character, quality, and chronological range of the sculpture collection.

There are several hundred pieces of sculpture on the Huntington estate, but the majority of these are garden ornaments that have little interest when taken from the setting for which they were intended. Readers curious about this material will find a list of the sculpture in both the gardens and the exhibition galleries in the Handbook of the Art Collections, revised and reissued periodically; but the attributions there given should be regarded as provisional. The attributions of the pieces included in the present book have been re-examined and in several instances altered.

Many friends and professional colleagues kindly answered inquiries sent out during the course of research on the Huntington sculpture. For assistance with problems presented by the bronzes I am particularly grateful to Ulrich Middeldorf, John Pope-Hennessy, and Elisabeth Dhanens. In dealing with the French eighteenth-century material, H. H. Arnason, Louis Réau, Gérard Hubert, and E. Courty have been very helpful. But, while I am indebted to these scholars for valuable assistance, they should not be held responsible for the attributions here offered, which do not always reflect their several opinions.

All photographs are by Frank Reinhart of the Huntington Library Department of Photographic Reproductions. Winifred Carroll, of the Library's Publications Department, made many helpful editorial suggestions. The publication of the book was possible through the generosity of the trustees of the Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery.

R. R. Wark

San Marino, California November 1958 . . .

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