Organizing the Presidency


"This is the first book on the presidency that leaves one with the feeling that he has read a comprehensive treatment of the subject. The others seem to concentrate on fragments such as legalities of the office, the presidency's severe limitations, or its potential to befuddle its occupant's good sense. Hess encompasses all of these plus presidential management and decision-making styles, cabinet and White House staff recruitment, and presidential-White House staff-cabinet interaction." -- Carl Grafton, The Annals of the American Academy

"[A]ny president would benefit from reading Mr. Hess's analysis and any reader will enjoy the elegance with which it is written and the author's wide knowledge and good sense." - The Economist

"...magnificent study" -- John Osborne, The New Republic

"...a remarkable book" -- Stanley Karnow, Newsweek

"...excellent book" -- Alan L. Otten, The Wall Street Journal

Additional information

Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Washington, DC
Publication year:
  • 1988
  • Revised


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