The Lonely Voice: A Study of the Short Story


By the hokies, there was a man in this place one time by the name of Ned Sullivan, and a queer thing happened him late one night and he coming up the Valley Road from Durlas."

That is how, even in my own lifetime, stories began. In its earlier phases storytelling, like poetry and drama, was a public art, though unimportant beside them because of its lack of a rigorous technique. But the short story, like the novel, is a modern art form; that is to say, it represents, better than poetry or drama, our own attitude to life.

No more than the novel does it begin with "By the hokies." The technique which both have acquired was the product of a critical, scientific age, and we recognize the merits of a short story much as we recognize the merits of a novel-in terms of plausibility. By this I do not mean mere verisimilitude-that we can get from a newspaper report-but an ideal action worked out in terms of verisimilitude. As we shall see, there are dozens of ways of expressing veri-

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Cleveland, OH
Publication year:
  • 1963


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