The Buccaneers

The Buccaneers

The Buccaneers

The Buccaneers


The Closson girl had already disappeared with her dog, and Nan suspected that she had taken him for a game of ball in the rough field adjoining the meagre grounds of the hotel. Nan went down the steps of the porch, and crossing the drive espied the slim Conchita whirling a ball high overhead while the dog spun about frantically at her feet. Nan had so far exchanged only a few shy words with her, and in ordinary circumstances would hardly have dared to join her now. But she had reached an acute crisis in her life, and her need for sympathy and help overcame her shyness. She vaulted over the fence into the field and went up to Miss Closson.

"That's a lovely dog," she said.

Miss Closson flung the ball for her poodle, and turned with a smile to Nan. "Isn't he a real darling?"

Nan stood twisting one foot about the other. "Have you ever had a governess?" she asked abruptly.

Miss Closson opened with a stare of wonder the darkly fringed eyes which shone like pale aquamarines on her small dusky face. "Me? A governess? Mercy, no--what for?"

"That's what I say! My mother and Virginia have cooked it up between them. I'm going to have one next week."

"Land's sake! You're not? She's coming here?" Nan nodded sulkily.

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