Essays in Private International Law

Essays in Private International Law

Essays in Private International Law

Essays in Private International Law


This work consists of nine essays in the broad field of private international law, some originally delivered as lectures, others written as law journal articles. The author draws on his experience as a Law Commissioner, in European Community negotiations in Brussels, and in providing advice to the government on private international law matters. Where appropriate, the essays include new introductions, examining major developments which have occurred since they were originally written.


These nine articles or lectures on private international law were first published over the last fifteen years in various parts of the world. They deal with all three major aspects of the subject: the jurisdiction of the courts, choice of law and the recognition of foreign judgments, but, mirroring my own interests and activities during that period, reform and change is a theme which recurs throughout most of them.

All the pieces in this work, are with one exception, published in essentially the same form as that in which they originally appeared. However, account has been taken of developments in the intervening years by means of an Introduction prefacing each piece. The paper entitled 'Choice in Choice of Law' is the most recent piece and it is published in a substantially amended and expanded form from that which it took when delivered as a lecture in March 1992, with the consequence that no additional Introduction seemed necessary.


Oxford August 1992 . . .

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