Profile of Man and Culture in Mexico


In spite of, or perhaps because of, the many trials attending her emergence as a modern nation, Mexico has distinguished herself in her national struggle for human rights.

Mexico's pre-Columbian history extends far into the past and makes her, with Central America and Peru, one of the oldest civilizations in America, and older still than most of Europe. Her long travail under the colonial rule of Spain permitted her some degree of cultural enrichment from Europe, particularly in the late years which coincided with the American and French revolutions; but this rule was politically oppressive, and the masses of the underprivileged, like those of the Portuguese and Belgian colonies in Africa during this present century, were consistently neglected. Despite numerous proclamations and violent changes of administration throughout the nineteenth century, the masses did not begin to assume social and political power until the great Revolution of 1910. Not until then could individuals among these masses ef-

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  • Austin, TX
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  • 1962


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