Recollections of the Third Republic - Vol. 1

Recollections of the Third Republic - Vol. 1

Recollections of the Third Republic - Vol. 1

Recollections of the Third Republic - Vol. 1


These are not Memoirs.

I have never thought that, before or after my death, what has happened to me in life, good or bad, could interest others than myself, my family, those close to me, those I have loved and who have loved me.

But, as a child, I grew up in a family and social environment wherein were confronted, as in a microcosm, rendering them all the more easily grasped, the varying opinions awakened by the founding of the Republic, which was then inseparably linked with the recovery of a vanquished France.

As a young man, I took part in the battles into which the young Republic was drawn.

As a man, either by intimate collaboration with those who, at certain hours, have incarnated her with unequalled mastery, or by myself, successively Deputy, Senator, Minister of Labor, Minister of War, Minister of Foreign Affairs, President of the Council, Permanent Delegate of France to the League of Nations, I have been closely associated with some of the events and the negotiations that have oriented her destinies.

And I have displayed the originality of remaining faithful to her, even after she has been immolated on the altar of defeat, for mistakes only in part chargeable to her, and committed by those who, in their cowardice, abandoned her, after having so largely profited from her.

My friends have thought, and I have thought myself, that here was a sheaf of memories lived through, and that it seemed unseemly to wait until one is dead to bind them together.

They are, indeed, of a sort to cast some light on that unlikely adventure which, in one month, brought France to capitulation, the Republic to the tomb, and caused too many Frenchmen to accept too easily the one and the other event.

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