A Marriage Cycle


Alice Freeman Palmer died thirteen years ago. That is a long time to deliberate. Throughout it I have been questioning what to do with her verses. Describing them in my Life of her, I said they were too intimate for publication. But time and circumstance change judgments. To destroy the sacred papers, as she commanded, my hand will never move. If left till my death, they will be pretty sure to find their way into fragmentary and disordered print. To me it belongs to fix their final form. If she is ever again to speak in public, I must be present with attending care.

In gradually coming to a decision on this perplexing matter I have been much assisted by a kind of jury. Through a series of years the question of printing has been referred to four college presidents, four novelists, four poets, all persons of standing and social experience, half having no acquaintance with Mrs. Palmer. These, with a group of my most sensitive friends, have read the manuscript entire. On the whole company has been impressed my desire for objection rather than approval. With but two possible exceptions all . . .

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Boston
Publication year:
  • 1915


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