Roman Vergil

Roman Vergil

Roman Vergil

Roman Vergil


E. A. Slade for a similar privilege; to Captain J. R. T. Pollard for helping in the choice of passages of Vergil for mention, and for an important solution of a problem; to Mr. H. W. Stubbs for some kind criticism; to Miss Gladys Newby, Mr. J. A. Williams, and Mr. L. G. James for reading the proofs, checking references and other details, and giving acute valuable advice; to Mr. G. G. Sellick for compiling the index; and in general to Messrs. Faber and Faber Ltd., and for very special care and skill to their reader, Mrs. E. M. Hatt.

W. F. J. K.

January, 1943


I have now corrected several errors of detail which I had faded to correct in the First Edition. I wish to thank all who have helped in this; especially Professor H. J. Rose, who has with great generosity given me the advantage of his rare learning and penetration in a thorough criticism; Dr. W. H. D. Rouse, who has shewn the kindliest interest and sent me important material; Mr. Harold Mattingly, who has given the book his friendly attention and enabled me to introduce a significant improvement; Dr. Piero Treves, who, with a sharpness of observation that equals the accuracy of his learning, has detected several errors which others have missed and who has been lavish with his efforts and his time on my behalf; Father Bruno S. James, whose criticism has been of great value; and my brother, G. Wilson Knight, whose able and energetic help in the revision of the book has been as effective as his influence in forming my ideas and helping the book towards publication. I wish to thank also all, including lose whom I have mentioned, and many reviewers, who have accorded to the book various approval, and who have helped it to a success beyond my expectation.

I have not been able to rectify all deficiencies, either lately noted by friendly critics, or long known to myself For example, I continue to call a bay tree a 'laurel', though it may well be time to abandon this erroneous convention. Again, the names of scholars and others, whom I mention as having given special attention to Vergil, must . . .

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