Dr. Ambedkar, Life and Mission

Dr. Ambedkar, Life and Mission

Dr. Ambedkar, Life and Mission

Dr. Ambedkar, Life and Mission


I take great delight in presenting this complete biography of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar who has risen in the estimation and love of the world. The favourable reception accorded to the original biography by leading Indian and foreign papers and by various persons eminent for rank, learning and critical views excited my best exertions to bring it up-to-date and render it more perfect.

A few minor alterations have been made here and there in the original book just to suit the sequence and to distribute in the chronological order the new valuable material which is indeed of a revealing nature. Three chapters XXIV, XXVI and (excepting its last three pages) XXVII have been added to the original book. All these additions have surely enriched the book.

I acknowledge my debt of gratitude to Mr. S. N. Shivtarkar and the late Mr. Shankarrao Wadvalkar for providing me with some material for the original book and to Mr. Vasantrao Chitre, Mr. Naval Bhathena, Mr. S. S. Rege, Mr. N. C. Rattu and Mr. Ramesh Shinde for providing me with some material for the new edition. I am deeply indebted to Mr. Jayvantrao Dalvi for his genuine interest in the publication of the book.

I acknowledge my debt to all the authors, journals and publishers from whose books or publications I have drawn excerpts.

I am deeply indebted to Bhide Guruji for reading the proofs with great interest and labour, to Prof. Nissim Ezekiel for kindly going through the new chapters and to Mr. Vasantrao Chitre for reading the manuscript.

My eyesight has become very weak and the finishing of the book would not have been possible had it not been for the generous help and interest of Mr. Ramdas Bhatkal, the publisher.

My grateful thanks are due to Mr. Annarao Gothoskar, Mr. Vishwasrao Patil, Mr. Padmakar Edwankar, Mr. Wamanrao Londhe . . .

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