The Lore of the New Testament

The Lore of the New Testament

The Lore of the New Testament

The Lore of the New Testament


Nearly two thousand years ago, according to legend, a certain fisherman named John and his elder brother James were in their father's boat one day nearing Bethsaida after a long fishing trip on the harp-shaped Sea of Galilee. As they neared the shore they heard someone calling to them.

James turned to his brother and said: "What can that child on the shore want?"

John looked up toward the nearing shore and asked in surprise: "What child?"

"The one beckoning to us," said James.

"Because of our long watches at sea, Brother, your eyes deceive you," said John. "For that is no child on the shore, but a man, fair and comely, and of a cheerful countenance."

James looked again. "I can see no man," he said. "Come, let us bring our boat in and see what the child wants."

When they brought their ship to shore Jesus came to help them secure it. And John saw him as a tall man with a thick flowing beard; but to James he now appeared as a youth whose beard had just begun to grow.

When their boat was secure, Jesus said to the two brothers: "Come, follow me!"

And the brothers followed Jesus along the shore, still perplexed that he had appeared so differently to each of them.

In this story we have the key to the nature of the lore of the New Testament. And it is underscored in another legend that when Jesus arose to preach before a multitude, John would look up at him from time to time: and sometimes he saw Jesus as a small man and . . .

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