Trevor Huddleston: Essays on His Life and Work


Trevor Huddleston (b. 1913), former Bishop of Masasi, Stepney, and Mauritius, is best known for his outspoken opposition to South Africa's apartheid policies. Thirty years after his book, Naught for Your Comfort, alerted readers to the implacable nature of apartheid, he is still at the center of protest as President of the Anti-Apartheid Movement. These essays, written on the occasion of Huddleston's 75th birthday, are a tribute from some of the people whose lives and perceptions have been altered by his example. Nadine Gordimer, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Julius K. Nyerere, Donald MacKinnon, R.A. Denniston, and others offer reflections on Africa, Christology and protest, human rights and racism, the anti-apartheid struggle, and other topics, stressing throughout the contribution Huddleston has made to the betterment of people everywhere.

Additional information

Includes content by:
  • Nadine Gordimer
  • Julius K. Nyerere
  • J. Roger Carter
  • Terence Ranger
  • Kenneth Leech
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Oxford
Publication year:
  • 1988


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