Developing Nations and the Politics of Global Integration

Developing Nations and the Politics of Global Integration

Developing Nations and the Politics of Global Integration

Developing Nations and the Politics of Global Integration


Haggard examines developing-country responses to growing global economic integration. He pays close attention to the impact on developing-country policy of international events and pressures, on one hand, and domestic conditions, on the other.


Many developing countries have recently joined the more economically advanced nations in liberalizing trade and in taking steps to deepen global integration. Are the retorms by the developing countries politically consolidated, or will political upheaval derail them?

In this book, Stephan Haggard examines the position of the developing countries in the international trade regime, focusing on the middle-income nations of East and Southeast Asia and Latin America. Various international constraints--economic shocks as well as multilateral and bilateral political pressures--have pushed these countries toward economic liberalization and into economic relations with advanced industrial states. Although the domestic political consensus for these changes is relatively firm in East and Southeast Asia, it is tenuous in Latin America and India, where policy reforms have been sudden and difficult.

One current controversy centers on whether the developing countries will join closed regional blocs that will fragment the international economy. Haggard argues that the advanced developing countries have become strong supporters of the multilateral system and that the extent of discriminatory regionalism has been overstated. a more serious threat is the lure of bilateralism and the effort of the advanced industrial states to impose standards on developing countries that are inappropriate or politically counterproductive.

Stephan Haggard is professor at the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies at the University of California, San Diego. He received helpful advice or comments on the manu-

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