Yan Jiaqi and China's Struggle for Democracy

Yan Jiaqi and China's Struggle for Democracy

Yan Jiaqi and China's Struggle for Democracy

Yan Jiaqi and China's Struggle for Democracy


In the wake of the 1989 Tiananmen incident, Yin Jiagi has emerged as a leading Chinese dissident and theorist of the Democracy Movement. This collection of essays documents his views on a range of subjects, crucial to China's future.


David Bachman and Dali L. Yang

The careers of reformers in contemporary Chinese politics have not been characterized by successes. Over the course of the twentieth century, three types of reformers have sought to bring about reform in China. the first type is the foreign adviser. Though significant in many ways, the foreigner as agent of change in China is not central to the discussion here.

A second type of reformer is that of the "outsider" to the existing political system. the outsider invokes a moral critique of the existing regime, suggests ways that morality might be restored, demands fundamental changes in the system, and counts on the system to transform itself once its errors have been brought to its attention. in the People's Republic of China, the outsider as reformer generally starts as political insider but gains, often reluctantly, his status as outsider because he is forced out of the system by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for views the system is not prepared to tolerate. Sometimes the outsider reformers also engage in various social or economic experiments in an effort to demonstrate that theirs is the correct course for the nation.

Finally, the majority of reformers in China in recent years are those who occupy positions of authority in the existing system and attempt to influence the evolution of the political system from within. These insiders face formidable political constraints and obstacles; nonetheless, their experiences are no less a part of reform politics than are those of the outsiders.

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