Dictionary of Medieval Knighthood and Chivalry: Concepts and Terms


"This work should prove to be a joy and a delight to both novices and experts. Its depth of coverage within its topics places it well beyond more general works. . . . [Its] usefulness in the areas of history, literature, and the arts can justify its purchase by any library with patrons whose interests are set in the medieval period." RQ "Most historians find a work such as this valuable, but could bot have compiled it themselves; the fifteen years of research which produced this book would have reduced most of us to babbling, drooling, burnt-out cases, if not to catatonia. The effort and care which obviously went into this book evoke awe and admiration. . . . This work will be useful--perhaps even essential--to undergraduates writing papers in the area of knighthood and chivalry, as well as to historians wishing to confirm what they should already know. The Dictionary is particularly strong in matters military and heraldic. It is also fun for the browser; anyone who claims to have learned nothingfrom it is,either the author or a liar." Albion


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