Fiddler's Farewell

Fiddler's Farewell

Fiddler's Farewell

Fiddler's Farewell



Hungry Heart, Hungry Heart, where have you been?
I've been to a town where lives a queen.

Hungry Heart, Hungry Heart, what did you there?
I ran all the way to a certain Square.

Hungry Heart, say what you did that for!
To find a street and a certain door;
And there I knocked my knuckles sore.


That was a foolish thing to do,
Alone in the night the long hours through;

Gaping there like a chalky clown
At a stranger-door that had been your own.

Where was your pluck and where your pride?
They both were there, and love beside;
And suddenly the door swung wide.

I heard the sound of a violin
That seemed to bid me enter in:

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