Invisible Children in the Society and Its Schools

Invisible Children in the Society and Its Schools

Invisible Children in the Society and Its Schools

Invisible Children in the Society and Its Schools


Original essays that offer important info about groups of young people whose lives and insights have received little or no attention from either the educational establishment or from the broader society.


David E. Purpel

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

This book is at once disturbing and reassuring--disturbing in that it reveals the ugly face of hostility and cruelty, and reassuring in that it reminds us that we as a species can continue to recognize and be aware of this ugliness. Sue Books and her colleagues affirm a tradition that must be regarded as miraculous by virtue of its continung capacity to engender sorrow and outrage over human suffering. The time when we can neither feel compassion for human suffering nor accept responsibility for it is a time when we will know beyond any doubt that we are living in hell.

Let me deal first with the disturbances. At the most basic level, the authors add further poignancy to the tragic history of unnecessary human suffering and to the human capacity to violate our own solemn commitments. That the weakest and most vulnerable among us bear so much of this suffering only adds to the heartbreak of these chapters, especially when one considers that caring for the weak and downtrodden is or ought to be at the core of our culture's moral vision. However, in many if not most cases, the suffering is magnified when we add to the insult of creating the vulnerability in the first place, the injury of punishing those we have stigmatized.

How is it that teenage mothers, AIDS orphans, immigrant children, Appalachian children, and others come to be "invisible" when paradoxically . . .

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