The Politics of Law: A Progressive Critique

The Politics of Law: A Progressive Critique

The Politics of Law: A Progressive Critique

The Politics of Law: A Progressive Critique


Long considered one of the most important books on the role and operation of the law, THE POLITICS OF LAW offers a provocative, intelligent critique of traditional jurisprudence. This third edition has been extensively updated to respond to the latest changes in judicial trends. THE quintessential critique of our modern judicial system that belongs on the bookshelf of every law student, judge, politician, and interested citizen. Index.


This third edition adds fifteen new chapters, while the core of the earlier editions has been maintained, with updating and revision throughout, by substantially increasing the total number of pages. The coverage now includes a broad range of private law and public law issues, as well as all of the usual subjects taught in the first year of law school.

The new chapters cover health care, welfare, intellectual property, gay rights, affirmative action, criminal justice, environmental law, international human rights, property, civil procedure, access to courts, separation of powers, governmental takings of property, and law and literature. The book is still divided into three parts: Traditional Jurisprudence and Legal Education, Selected Issues and Fields of Law, and Progressive Approaches to the Law. The issues and fields are divided into ten broad categories: Litigation and the Legal Process, The Quality of Life, Liberty, Property, Equality, Crime and Justice, Personal Injury, Business, Labor and Social Welfare, and The Role and Structure of Government.

The new authors include professor of political science Austin Sarat, professor of English literature Julia Epstein, and law professors or practitioners Keith Aoki, Jane Baron, David Cole, Janet Halley, Charles Lawrence, Molly McUsic, Martha Minow, Joseph Singer, Gerald Torres, and Lucy Williams. The core of authors from the earlier editions include Richard Abel, Haywood Burns, Rhonda Copelon, Kimberlé Crenshaw, Elliott Currie, Jay Feinman, Alan Freeman, Peter Gabel, Robert Gordon, Morton Horwitz, Duncan Kennedy, Karl Klare, Jules Lobel, Elizabeth Mensch, Frances Olsen, Victor Rabinowitz, Rand Rosenblatt, David Rudovsky, Elizabeth Schneider, William Simon, Nadine Taub, and Cornel West.

Philadelphia October 1997 . . .

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