The Future of the Pacific Rim: Scenarios for Regional Cooperation

The Future of the Pacific Rim: Scenarios for Regional Cooperation

The Future of the Pacific Rim: Scenarios for Regional Cooperation

The Future of the Pacific Rim: Scenarios for Regional Cooperation


This important volume examines the vast potential of--and critical need for--cooperation among the neighboring states of the Pacific Rim. From economic and security matters to cultural and environmental concerns, the "Pacific Century" will require increased cross-border education, communication, and cooperation, which can be enhanced by regional organizations and agreements. This work offers a compilation of new thinking from international political, business, and academic leaders on the challenges facing the Pacific Rim in the next century, and proposes the emerging Pacific community as a model for global cooperation.


In an era of rapid global change, when many old assumptions about the international system are being questioned, attention is rightly focusing on parts of the world where change seems to be particularly rapid. The Pacific Rim -- an area that extends from the ancient kingdoms of Southeast Asia to the emerging nations of the Pacific Islands and includes the dynamic economies of Northeast Asia -- is one such region.

This volume, bringing together scholars and practitioners of international relations in an expert survey of international relations in the region, is, therefore, particularly welcome at this time.

One theme of this book is the role of regional organizations. The importance of regional cooperation, and of regional organizations, in supporting and reinforcing the work of the international organizations, has never been as great as it is today. In a region like the Pacific Rim, where levels of development are uneven, regional cooperation takes on a special significance. It will, therefore, be particularly interesting to see how the work of regional organizations is coordinated with the work of the United Nations, which has already been called on to carry out a variety of tasks in the region.

The United Nations has played a major role in a number of countries of the region. The international community has invested substantial human and financial resources in support of peace and progress in Southeast Asia. In Cambodia, for example, the United Nations undertook one of the greatest commitments in history.

What of the region's place in the world of the future? In many ways, this is a region of outstanding promise. Yet, prophecy in international relations is a hazardous undertaking. Many of the elements in the global world of the future remain unpredictable.

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