A History of Biology to about the Year 1900: A General Introduction to the Study of Living Things


The text of this edition has been revised throughout and many changes introduced. I have, however, avoided any attempt to present the views of the active generation of biologists. It thus remains a history but ends with the nineteenth century, though there are a few incursions into the twentieth where sense seems to demand it.

It had long been my intention to include in this work a general sketch of current biology. The immense labour needed caused me to delay in completing the task. I do not regret this because it has been done in A Hundred Years of Biology, 1952 ( England, Duckworth; U.S.A., Macmillan) by Dr. Ben Dawes, Reader in Zoology at King's College, University of London. His book has made superfluous such an attempt as I had contemplated.

I have taken advantage of criticisms of previous editions made by the late Prof. F. J. Cole and by Dr. Dawes. I am grateful to them for having saved me from some errors, but for any that remain I alone am responsible. I have also to thank the Library of the Wellcome Historical Medical Museum, and especially Dr. F. N. L. Poynter, for several illustrations. These are acknowledged in the list of figures.

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  • C. S.
  • Charles Singer
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  • London
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  • 1959
  • 3rd


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