The Emigration Dialectic: Puerto Rico and the U.S.A

The Emigration Dialectic: Puerto Rico and the U.S.A

The Emigration Dialectic: Puerto Rico and the U.S.A

The Emigration Dialectic: Puerto Rico and the U.S.A


Puerto Rico and the US. A study that explores the economic and political consequences of Puerto Rican emigration to the US. 168 pp. Bibliography. (1980)


I have lived in the monster and I know his entrails and my weapon is David's sling.


Every book--and by this I mean any book--is the product of those sociohistoric conditions in which the book is conceived and nurtured. This book is not nor could it be the exception to this rule. the root which nourishes it has drawn from the many and diverse experiences and communicated to the author from the most diverse levels of scientific and philosophical abstraction. Thus, for example, from the Puerto Rican youth born in the United States to the most sophisticated statistical studies of the subject of emigration: all have left their imprint on this work. the author wishes, of course, to acknowledge his intellectual debt to those who for many years have dedicated themselves to the problems raised by this essay. the distinguished scholarly work done throughout the years by Dr. José Luis Vàzquez Calzada deserves special recognition in this case. Nor can we overlook the important contributions of Drs. Eduardo Seda Bonilla, Luis Nieves Falcón and Frank Bonilla, nor those of Professors Juan Angel Silén, José Hernàndez Alvarez and Adalberto López.

The author is particularly grateful for the generous reception he was given by the Department of Political Science at Queens College of the City University of New York during the academic year 1972-1973, and especially grateful to the President of Queens College, Dr. Joseph P. Murphy; the Chairman of the Department of Political Science, Dr. Henry W. Morton; the Director of the Program of Puerto Rican Studies, Professor Rafael Rodríguez; and the Dean of Students, Dr. Robert Picciotto. in addition, we would like to express here our profound gratitude to Professor Carmen Puigdollers and Professors Antonio Valcàrcel-Cervera and Rafael Citrón-Ortiz for all that their support and encouragement have meant to the completion of this book. As for my Puerto Rican students at Queens College, I can only say that if there was some one force which above all others has stimulated my writing this book, they were that force.

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