Nyasaland: The Economics of Federation

Nyasaland: The Economics of Federation

Nyasaland: The Economics of Federation

Nyasaland: The Economics of Federation


This study was made possible by a private benefaction to the Research Fund of Lincoln College, Oxford. We were thus enabled to visit the Federation and to collect the material on which the study is based. We should like to express our gratitude to both the benefactor and the College for their generosity and encouragement.

We are also most grateful to a large number of people, both in this country and in the Federation, for information, criticism and assistance. Our stay in Central Africa was comparatively short, and we cannot claim an extensive first-hand knowledge of the economic problems of the area; but many individuals there -- officials, business men, university teachers, and others -- went out of their way to supply us with information, and to discuss the problems which we were concerned with. Some of them, and also a number of colleagues in this country, have read and commented upon earlier drafts of chapters, and as a result we have been able to make a great many corrections and improvements. The full list of our obligations would be very long, and we therefore hope that those concerned will be content with this collective expression of our gratitude.

One acknowledgement, however, must be made in more specific terms, though it can only be expressed impersonally. We are particularly grateful for the advice and information which we have received from officials of all four governments in Central Africa, both Federal and territorial. They answered all our questions with great patience and thoroughness; they supplied us, often at considerable personal inconvenience, with data and estimates, many of which were previously unpublished; and earlier drafts have been much improved by criticisms and suggestions which some of them have made. In no case was information withheld from us, and we were given all the information and assistance that we asked for. Once again the full list of obligations would be long, but we would like particularly to express our thanks to officials of the Federal Treasury and Ministry of Economic Affairs, and of the Office of the Federal High Commissioner in London.

The usual disclaimer is especially needed here. None of those referred to can be held responsible for the conclusions we have arrived at or the views we have put forward; indeed, there have been many instances in which we have persisted in judgments or interpretations or forms of wording in spite of criticisms and disagreement. We are jointly responsible for all opinions expressed, and for any errors and omissions which may have been made despite the efforts of those whose help we have acknowledged.

Oxford University Institute of Statistics Lincoln College, Oxford

A.H. P.D.H.

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