The Acquisition of Japanese

The Acquisition of Japanese

The Acquisition of Japanese

The Acquisition of Japanese



Crosslinguistic Study as a Method in Developmental Psycholinguistics 4

Null Hypothesis: Developmental Universals 5

Conceptual Development and the Construction of Grammar 6

Formal Pattern Preferences and Grammar 10

Concepts are Combined in Grammatical Morphemes According to Semantic Affinities 10

Grammatical Morphemes are Positioned According to Their Scope of Operation 11

Grammatical Markers are placed According to Principles of Semantic Relevance 12

Morphological Systems are Constructed According to Formal (Non-semantic) Criteria 13

Hyotheses of Specific Language Effects 15

Form-Function Interaction Influences Rate or Sequence of Development 15

Particular Linguistic Forms are Relatively More Accessible, Holding Content Constant 16

Separate Marking of Notions in Particular Languages Reveals a Conceptual Substratum 16

Language-specific Co-occurrences Reveal Patterns of Conceptual Relavance 17

Crosslinguistic Differences in Degree of Coding an Area Reveal Linguistic Capacities 18

The Plan of the Book 18

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