The Korean War: Handbook of the Literature and Research

The Korean War: Handbook of the Literature and Research

The Korean War: Handbook of the Literature and Research

The Korean War: Handbook of the Literature and Research


This comprehensive assessment by experts of the significant literature and research about the Korean War has been designed for students, teachers, and researchers at various levels and for broad interdisciplinary use. Edited by Brune, this one-volume research tool evaluates traditional interpretations and recent findings and trends and points to studies that are still needed on various topics. Twenty-three topical chapters cover the historical background and general references, international aspects of the war and the role and perspectives of major combatants, military policies and the strategies and tactics of the various armed forces, the Korean unification struggle after the war, and the relationship of the U.S. homefront to the Korean War. The book is fully indexed and is easily accessible.


Research since 1975 has revealed significant new information about the origins and conduct of the Korean War. Details disclosed with the declassification of records about the U.S. involvement in Korean affairs between September 1945 and the outbreak of war in June 1950, information about the evolution of a Korean civil war, and study of the military and the lengthy truce talks have significantly changed the official versions of the war and its origins. Moreover, the gradual opening of archives in London, as well as some archives in Moscow, Beijing, and Seoul, has given scholars previously classified information to add to that gathered after the opening of the U.S. archives in 1975.

Because the definitive history of the Korean War, using these international sources, awaits future, arduous research, this book is designed to give scholars, librarians, and the general public the best information available as of 1994 on questions surrounding the developments in the two Koreas since 1945 and international activities affecting various countries due to the intensification of the cold war. The chapter authors have been asked to provide information regarding the literature that has appeared on the war and its international aspects, as well as on the status of archival sources that influence these studies. A bibliography of references is at the end of each essay.

This book does not provide detailed factual information about each topic. Rather, the chapters acquaint readers with the major works on each topic, describe how recent research has altered the traditional interpretations or raised historical issues about the subject, and take advantage of the availability of archival materials.

To achieve this end, specialists in separate areas have prepared essays on their topics, which I have augmented with data on U.S. national security and diplomatic history. The work of these authors was critical to . . .

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