Group Child Care as a Family Service

Group Child Care as a Family Service

Group Child Care as a Family Service

Group Child Care as a Family Service


No longer merely custodial facilities, the children's home now offers a broad range of services to families in danger of breaking up. The authors provide an overview of the basic theory and methods of the family-centered children's home. Included also are twenty-one brief essays and papers on specific aspects of group child care related to its seven methods: planning, care, education, group living, counseling, therapy, and advocacy.

Originally published 1977.


More families than we like to think about are lost to children or cling to the outward trappings but not the essential nature of parenthood because they have not used the continuous and supportive help a Children's Home could have offered to them. Sometimes this help has not been available to them in any comprehensive and usable way. More children than we like to admit are making poor use of a Home's caring, education, group living, counseling, therapeutic, or advocacy services because their emotional and intellectual energies are consumed in trying to cope with matters which should have been dealt with when they first came into care. Some, although physically in care, have never moved in psychologically. Both parents and children may have encountered aspects of the Home in a meaningless, piecemeal way, with no coordinated sense of what is happening to them or how the Home can help them. And the Home is often vague about how it can help either child or family to use the Home in any but a muddled, drifting, or purposeless way.

In order for this not to be so, a Home needs to come to certain convictions about itself, its services, and the people it serves.

First, the Home needs to have the conviction that it exists . . .

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