Studies in Speculative Philosophy

Studies in Speculative Philosophy

Studies in Speculative Philosophy

Studies in Speculative Philosophy


Friends and former students of Professor Creighton had often urged upon him the appropriateness and value of the publication of a volume comprising such of his articles as best represented the development and various aspects of his thought. The present work is as adequate and accurate a response to that demand as the changed circumstances have allowed. It has been carried forward with the warm support and valuable counsel of numerous friends and colleagues.

The title, Studies in Speculative Philosophy, indicates a spirit rather than a doctrine--a free spirit of ceaseless but constructive criticism, illumined by the experience of the past, and untrammeled by the partisan labels of the present. With some exceptions, which I hope will commend themselves as obviously appropriate, the Studies are arranged in chronological order. I have tried to include in the appended bibliography all of Professor Creighton's important philosophical writings.

Acknowledgment for permission to republish articles first appearing in their pages is due to the Editors of The International Joumal of Ethics (Chap. II), The Psychological Review (Chap. X), The Journal of Philosophy (Chaps. XII and XIII), and The Philosophical Review (the other chapters).

I am especially indebted to Professor Glenn R. Morrow of the University of Missouri for a careful reading of the proof-sheets.


Ithaca, N. Y.

November, 1925.

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